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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Half Bath/Laundry Room Facelift

Two months ago I was sitting in my half bath, uhh, "contemplating life" when I looked around and thought, "Blech! Surely we can do better than this".  It is the designated bathroom for guests after all and it was high time it be elevated to guest bathroom status.
 BORING!! To be fair this was after I had started ripping things off the walls.
 Because our half bath also serves as a pretend mudroom I was going to have to put on my organizational thinking cap to solve some of this clutter. 
 Here comes the money shot.....are you ready?

 The gorgeous view into the laundry room, no wonder I hate to do laundry.

Design Concept: Eclectic Men's club feel with Industrial touches

Since my sister Nicola had recently moved in with us she became my pretty and talented apprentice.

First step: Paint

We had the adventurous idea of navy blue. Before we knew it we were home from Lowes with about 50 paint chips in hand. We narrowed all the chips down to one and began painting a sample on the wall (as seen on the right wall in the photo)  After living with the giant swatch on the wall for a couple days we came to the conclusion that it looked cheap and wee bit bright.

So we returned to our pile of paint chips in search of a blue with a little more grey and found the perfect color, Valspar Sapphire (seen on the left wall in the photo) Ahh, much better.

Second step.....ah heck let's just cut to the chase with the "after" photos. I'll fill you in on all the details of the project in another post.

Behold, my new view into my half bath and laundry room.

Because most of us have our deepest thoughts on the throne, I thought what a perfect place to display my favorite thoughts. Some are inspiring, some funny, and a couple to make you go hmmm. Deep Thoughts in the Bathroom

 The pretend mudroom wall reborn....
I kept the wall file holders for the kiddos school and homework information but tucked them behind the door. Then rehung the coat hooks farther apart and higher (to use some vertical space). Last it was off to Ikea for some baskets to contain the shoes that, in the past, seemed to spread all over the bathroom like weeds. By the way the awesome horizontal plank wall cost only 20 buckaroos. Faux Planked Wall

I love my fancy mod podged gold tissue box. Two pieces of scrapbook paper + one unfinished wood tissue box (from hobby lobby) + mod podge = one hot lookin tissue box!
Now this laundry room I can do some serious washing in. I added a new wood counter top hoping to avoid a pile of clutter on the dryer.
After painting the laundry room I stood back an thought, "It needs something....". Thus the black window casing was born.
 Let's be honest I would rather be thinking of London and Paris while I'm folding clothes.
 The cabinets and hanging rod aren't knew (put those in about 3 years ago) but don't they look pretty with the blue wall?
I should just rename this bucket the Crayon and Lego bucket.....every laundry room needs one!
This is what is called an industrial touch :) and I made it all by myself. Go me, go me :)
Voila, the finished half bath and laundry room. Stay tuned for further posts about the details of the space.

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