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Monday, July 15, 2013

Deep Thoughts in the Bathroom

When I was redoing the half bath I knew I wanted some sort of gallery wall collection to wrap the corner were the toilet sits. What to frame in that collection - I hadn't a clue.
One day while sitting at the computer I came across a file full of all my favorite quotes and sayings. It hit me.....rather than spreading those quotes throughout the house why not make a quote wall? No need for magazines while your using the "facilities" just read the wall.
Five of the large frames I already had on hand. For all the other frames and mats I hit a nearby Dollar Tree store. Lucky for me we have, what I like to call, a Dollar Tree Mega store in the nearby city of Orem. There are oodles of frames and mats to choose from. It is my all a dollar happy place.

Next the quotes....I wanted some to be inspiring but what's life without a little laughter?

So I have everthing from...

.....for all you Back to the Future fan, like my husband.

 On the adjacent wall I included an autographed program from a play my husband recently did and for a little inspiration......

 Are you ready? Here comes my favorite part....
Because the wall of frames behind the toilet is reflected in the mirror above the sink. Nicola and I had the cheeky idea of printing one quote in mirror know so you can only read it when your looking in the mirror. Our quote of choice is a favorite from one of the best movies EVER...While You Were Sleeping. Can you decipher what it says?

We thought it was the perfect quote to read whilst sitting upon the throne :) If you couldn't crack the code come on by and sit a spell in the loo. But Nicola says to B.Y.O.A. (Bring Your Own Air freshener).

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  1. I love it! I recently put this up in my downstairs half bath. I think I'm pretty funny...