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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Wickedest Halloween Party of them all!


Our niece Brittany passed away 2 weeks prior to our family Halloween party. Because she loved Halloween, we continued with our plans of having the party and did so in her honor.
This is the beautiful Belle dress she would have worn.
We miss you Brittany; the fairest of them all.

For year's I have dreamed of dressing up as the wicked Queen from Snow White. Who wants to be the fairest of them all when you can be wicked!? And why not center our whole Halloween party theme around me?......the wicked Queen, that is.

Our first stop, the vain queen's Mirror Room(living room)

"Each day the vain queen 
consulted her magic mirror, 
"Magic Mirror on the wall, 
who is the fairest one of all?"
Simply gather all the mirrors from your house, buy a few extras from dollar tree, and
you will have a room perfect for a vain Evil Queen.

Some green colored water, red apples, and a little dry ice and viola.....
bubbling poison apples!

I spy an evil queen and an old hag.

Next on our tour the Spell Room(kitchen)
 "Now, make a Wish and take a Bite" 
 poison apple brew.
Apples, apples, and more apples!

Last stop on our tour, the Enchanted Forest (family room)
 "Take her far into the forest.....
 And there, my faithful huntsman, 

you will kill her!
And bring back her heart...."

Slave in the Mirror!

Instead of cutting out tree silhouettes, as I have done in years past,(remember Breann?)
 I decided to tape up some black butcher paper
 and then draw my heart out with a fat white paint pen.

Eat your heart out evil queen

Let the parade of costumes begin!

L to R: Magic Mirror, Evil Queen, Snow White, Screamer, Steve from Mine Craft ,
Luke Skywalker (from the Degoba system), and a Harry Potter Death Eater.

L to R: Walt from Breaking Bad, Cruella Devil, Cute Nerd,
Cute Boy Nerd, and a Cute Pirate
L to R: Super Girl, Sheldon Cooper (unzipping his brain), Amy Farah Fowler,
Bat Girl, Purple guy, and Zombie Dancer

L to R: Davy Crockett, Maleficent, and Elsa
Holt from the Ranger's Apprentice book series, or Robin Hood, if you don't know who Holt is.

 May your Halloween be Wicked good fun!
Love, The Crockett Gang.


  1. How did you create your husband's magic mirror mask?

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