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Why I'm Here

    Christy - I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I live in Utah with my husband and our 5 kids. But, I am a Southern California native. I still get terribly homesick and catch myself California dreaming frequently. Most of my time is spent attempting to keep up on my kid's homework and trying to keep the house from looking and smelling like 5 kids (4 boys & 1 girl) live here.
My glue gun is on 90% of the time as are my creative juices.I love being a professional homemaker,  playing in the dirt, using power tools, and stressing my husband out with these four words: "I have an idea!" And, to me "Old is the new NEW".
I started this blog a couple years ago after shattering my left arm into 7 pieces. Everyday was spent going to and from physical therapy or having surgery after surgery for a year. I needed an outlet to distract me from the daily "pity parties" I was throwing myself and to help me focus on the things I could still do. Except for some extra hardware and screws, my arm is pretty much back to normal, but this blog remains my therapy for life. After all, we all need things to look forward to that make us feel alive.