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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Because I Love You Most....

     After all the teeth have been brushed and everyone has mad one last potty stop, we say prayers with all the kids, and then usually I sing them song. But, we have one more  little bedtime ritual, it all starts when someone says "I Love You MOST!" That statement is answered with: "I Love you MORE!" Then the reply is given, "Love you to the moon and back!" And, finally the ritual is completed with, "I love you till the stars don't shine." Only then will my children, especially my daughter, resign themselves to the idea of falling asleep.
     So when I was thinking of a little meaningful Valentine decoration, the first phrase that popped into my head was, "Love you MOST". Soon thereafter a new free printable was born. Just for you for Valentine's Day.

     Just right click on the "Love you MOST" printable and then "save image as" to your computer.
     Yours is a little prettier than mine because I gave it a lovely pink border. Happy Valentine's Day!

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