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Monday, September 9, 2013

Faux Planked Wall

So, I apologize for falling off the blogging grid for a while, life got in the way. But, I am back with a long over due post explaining how I did the planked wall in my newly spruced up half bath/laundry room.
I knew I wanted a little architectural detail on the "mudroom" wall in the bathroom. Oh, sure I had grand ideas of the possible changes I could make to the wall if my financial resources were boundless. But I needed an idea that was inexpensive. I liked the idea of a planked wall, but after pricing out the lumber to do it I knew I could find a more economical option.
Enter this blog post I came across DIY masonite faux paneled wall . This lovely lady figured out the whole thing for me. Thus freeing up my brain to figure out more important things, like how spaghetti sauce got splattered up on my cathedral kitchen ceiling......

Anyway......So I headed over to Lowes and had them cut a sheet of Hard board panelling ( aprox. $9, located near the bead board panelling) into 6" wide lengths. They are so nice at Lowes and I love how they don't have a limit on the number of cuts they will do for you. Then I went home and got to work.

Here are a few added tips for you.

#1 Paint the wall behind the planks before - It's a real bear to paint in between the planks once they're up. Save yourself the headache and do it before.

#2 Do sand and prime the planks - once again before you nail them up sand and prime them first. They will look that much more polished. Don't follow my bad example.

#3 Find the studs - locate and mark the studs on the wall so you can nail the planks to something with more grab than just drywall.

#4 Glue it and screw it - or in this case glue it and nail it. Be sure to apply some liquid nails specifically for panelling to each plank in addition to nailing them up.
This will ensure that you won't have any bowing or gaps.

#5 Popsicle stick spacers - I wanted a little bit of a separation between each plank. So, I went in the backyard and picked up all the Popsicle sticks my children neglected to throw away once they were done eating their Popsicles and voila, free spacers.

In total the wall cost me around $20.....not bad eh?
Ahh, my clutter is so much prettier now.

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