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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Painted Plates

A couple months ago I saw Anthropologie had these adorable doily dessert plates on their website (24 bucks each) and I was instantly inspired.
So, I headed off to my local thrift store (D.I.) and picked up one clear glass plate for $1. A couple weeks earlier I had scored a free cheapo ugly doily from a yard sale but, sometimes you can find them at the dollar store too. I took the doily and wrapped it around the back side of the plate.
I pulled the doily a little tight, wrapped the excess around to the front of the plate, and secured it with tape.
 Next I laid the plate face down and misted it with the color spray paint of my choice (Krylon-Catalina Mist). It took several light coats. When the plate had dried I removed the doily and....panicked! It looked horrible.......I decided it wasn't quite finished. I once again turned the plate face down (this time minus the doily) and sprayed it with a layer of white spray paint. Are you dying with anticipation to see the final result?

Yeah, it isn't exactly like the Athropologie version but I love it! It almost has a watery ikat feel to it. And, since all the paint is on the back side you can still eat off it! I don't know how well it washes's so purdy.

After the plate I couldn't help my self, and I made over a .75 cent bowl from the thrift store as well. This time solid apple green spray paint with a layer of Catalina blue to finish it off (once again on the back approved).

You could make a whole set! Next....there going up on the wall......

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  1. I absolutely love this idea. I’ve been trying to find dinnerware with aqua and apple green, but it’s either way out of my budget or not really what I want. This is such a great alternative and I can get exactly what I want. Thank you for your post.