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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Life is all about perspective....right?

This afternoon the 4 boys were playing with friends. My two year old daughter, by some miracle of heaven, was actually taking a nap in her bed (lately she thinks she is too old for naps). I had a few minutes of alone time.....ahhhhh.
So I grabbed my garden clippers and imagined I was a lady of a stately manor in the English countryside with nothing better to do than cut a bouquet of blooming flowers from my garden.
 Such a beautiful little bouquet of snowball blossoms.....let me stand back and admire them....
They look perfect on my tidy newly dusted little tea cart next to pictures of my loving children. Now, I think I'll grab a spot of tea, sit next to the sunny window, and contemplate how perfect my life is......

or appears to be.

Oh, wait.....

I forgot there was a load of laundry to fold. I should give the maid a stern talking to about letting such things linger in my sight....wait, I am the maid.

Shoot there's that darn shipping box I need to throw away. And the mop.....can't forget to mop before the Lord of the manor (my husband) gets home from his business trip.

But before I mop I should probably move those throw know the ones my daughter decided to "throw" on the floor.

Oh, no! Call the inspector....somebody seems to have bled severely on my rug!
Turns out it was just evidence that my son dropped his ketchup covered hotdog on the a "no food zone" I might add. Tisk, tisk.

Remember when I said, life is all about perspective? I need to remember this...

to get through the daily grind of.....
......that. Cause there can be beauty even in the most chaotic life. You just have to focus on it with the right "perspective" :)

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