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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 I run a small floral business from my home, Fleur by Christy. At the moment I am making several faux floral arrangements for a local business.

Floral Tip for today: It is so annoying trying to cut, fit, and secure green floral foam into a container. Am I right? Then about a year a go I had and idea. Have you ever seen the insulating foam sold in a can at Lowes or Home Depot? It is Great Stuff! No, really...that is what it's called Great Stuff (pictured at the left). It is about $4, you can spray it in or on anything and it expands into foam. I first realized its crafting possibilities when I was putting together a parade float (long story for a different day).

Here is what you do...grab any container, follow the can instructions and spray the container about 2/3 of the way full of foam. Remember it expands as it dries. I usually let it dry 24 hours.

Then it will look like this (pic below)

 Take a bread knife or an electric kitchen knife and trim off the excess.

 Then, get busy arranging whatever you would like to arrange. The foam holds securely and uses every inch of space.
I think the Lego tower in the background completes the photo, don't you? After all I'm a Mom before anything else.

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