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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tomato Soup for the Crafting Soul

About a week ago my brother posted a picture on facebook that inspired my most recent little craft project. The picture was cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup. How is that inspirational, you ask? Well these weren't just any ordinary soup cans. The awesome people at Campbell's came out with cans wrapped in special edition labels commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pop artist, Andy Warhol's famous tomato soup painting. The colors of the labels were awesome and for only .75 per can (only carried at Target) how could I resist!
Aren't those cans pretty?

I found the perfect frame at Ikea for only $10 that came with a large piece of mat board I could flip to a black or white side.

It was simple. Just very carefully peel the labels from the cans, trim the excess off the labels (nutrition info etc.), and mount them on the mat board with a little dot of glue stick.
Ta-DA! Easy peasy. And now I can sit back and admire my new/old art while eating grilled cheese and a warm bowl of tomato soup.
"Pop Art is for Everyone" - Andy Warhol

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