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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cupcake Liner Garland

This is so simple, inexpensive,  and cute. And, it can be done for any holiday or occasion.

What you will need:
       1 spool of strong thread or fishing line
       1 sewing needle
       cupcake liners of your choice (mini and regular size)
       1 package coffee filters
       1 package of each, large and small paper doilies (sometimes these can be found at the dollar store)

The next step is to plan a pattern, thread the needle with thread, and start stringing your garland by pushing the needle through the center of the doilies, liners, and coffee filters. At the end of each strand of garland place a piece of scotch tape around the end of the thread. This helps prevent the filters/liners/doilies from falling off the thread.

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