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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Channeling Edward Scissor Hands

This project was actually in the archives from a few years ago. But since spring is in the air I thought it would be appropriate to revive it once more.

 For years I have wanted to purchase two spiral topiary trees to put in the pots flanking our front steps. But, alas, I couldn't bring myself to pay over one hundred dollars per tree. This year I thought to myself, "I know Dwarf Alberta Spruce's are used to make them and I also know just a plain tree is far less expensive than the ones sculpted into a topiary. Why can't I make one myself?"
So with my brilliant plan in motion I researched how to prune a spiral topiary on the Internet, headed to the store and purchased 2 dwarf Alberta spruce tree's (for $25 dollars each), returned home, and channeled my inner Edward Scissor Hands.
I was very nervous but what else could I do except jump right in and start snipping away? Below is the process of my work:
The tree before it had encountered my clippers

Marking off the tree with ribbon to ensure that I would have and even spiral.
Then I just start snipping in between the rows of ribbon.

Confession: I usually have a "Theme song" that's on repeat in my head any time I begin a project. For this project, what else but "Snip- snip here, and snip-snip there...." , from the emerald city scene in "The Wizard of OZ".

Ta Da! Behold my spiral topiary!! I did it! And I did it for half the price it would have cost to purchase one. Next I shall sculpt a shrub into a bust of Abraham Lincoln :)

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