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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Princess Meg's Parisian Party

 From the moment she was born I had envisioned a pink poodle Parisian themed birthday party for my daughter's first birthday.  With the food I went French all the way.
 I served:
  •  chocolate croissants-bought plan croissants and drizzled melted chocolate over them.
  •  French macaroons (lovingly made by my sister, Nicola)
  •  fruit with Brie cheese - a wheel of Brie cheese is $6 @ Costco 
  •  cream puffs-also from Costco.
  •  pink poodle sugar cookies... of course.     
 As a tip Auntie Nicola's play list of French music added the finishing touch that the party needed.

The font I used for the Happy Birthday Banner is
Chocolate Box from
I also used that same font to make food labels.
adorable clothes pin cake topper doll made by none other than Auntie Melissa
For party favors my husband lovingly twisted pink and black balloons into poodles. Thank goodness for the hidden talents of my husband. They were cheap and the kids loved them.
Found the cute party hat at Hobby Lobby. I just added the medallion
and a little pink feather boa to it.
Tip: the "1" I put on using Velcro.
 Next year I can take it off and Velcro a 2 on instead.

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