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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Magical Weeding Wand

A wise woman once said "In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and.... SNAP, the jobs a game!"- Mary Poppins

Raise your hand if you just love and adore weeding. Now keep them up if dandelions are by far your favorite weed to pull.......What? No hands?!
It seems you can "weed and feed" your yard religiously all year long but inevitably their are still a few resilient little stinker weeds that show up like pimples in an otherwise pristine yard.
Enter my new magical weeding wand....
.....Otherwise known as "Grandpa's Weeder".

This handy dandy weeding tool makes pulling weeds addicting and, dare I say, fun....

Here's how it works (as explained by this lovely Scotsman):

There you have it! A couple years ago I owned a version of this tool made by a different company (Fiskars) it worked great also. The only problem? It was made of plastic and cracked within only a couple of months of owning it. I love, love, this one! I found mine on Amazon for about $26, but it's available a lot of different places on the internet.
   True story: My 7 year old son asked if he could try it and after about an hour I had to ask him to stop weeding to come in for dinner. The next day he came home from school, dropped his back pack, and immediately asked "can I pull weeds with your weed puller again?" It was like a Christmas miracle come to life.  I let my neighbor borrow it and now she's addicted too.
So needless to say, I have found my "element of fun" when weeding.

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