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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Channeling My Inner Artist

Never fails, every year when I take down the Christmas tree I get itching to make some changes in the decor of my house. But, alas due to the financial cost of Christmas gift giving, I am left with just a couple of dollars to my name. So instead of spending more money I decided to channel my inner artist.
Here are the beginnings of my artistic journey...I started with a large piece of wood as my canvas. I wanted something colourful and happy for my dreary family room. (notice my adorable little boy in the background, trying to sneak some paint? Lil stinker!)
Once I rubbed a coat of "Old English" furniture polish all over the finished painting, it had the aged look I was after. Seriously "Old English" is always my go to antiquing great every time.
So jump in there, grab a paint brush, and paint something. It's cheaper than buying one and also doubles as great therapy.


  1. That's so pretty!! Where did you put it?? Nice job! So I seriously need to have you over! I need some help in my front room. I'm adding that light teal and such. I received some new wall things for Christmas but can't decide where to place it all. So you're hired!!! K..we can chat soon!

  2. Wow, beautiful and clever. That's definitely a cheer-me-up in a drab setting painting.