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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Haunted Halloween House Tour #2

Enter If you Dare....

 The Witches Layer Living room

 The lamp shade is wrapped in some cute polka dot tissue paper I had on hand.
I was feeling a little crafty one day. So I painted scrap pieces of wood,  printed some graphics from the graphics fairy on scrapbook paper, and mod podged it together. I thought it turned out....well....WICKED!

To make and existing painting look spooky without damaging it....go to a craft store and purchase a large piece of vellum. Use plasti tack (the putty like stuff  you can use to put posters up without damaging the walls) to adhere the vellum to the picture. Then take a charcoal pencil and add whatever spooky touches you would like.
Buy a spool of black tulle and wrap your lampshade for a spookier look.

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