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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To Play or not To Play?

We've all seen, or pinned (on pinterest) the little sign to hang on your door to tell the multitudes of neighborhood children whether or not your popular child is available to play.
I found myself desperate to make one yesterday after the umpteenth knock at the door during chore time. But, the signs I found weren't quiet my taste. So, I thought... lets have a Two Dollar Tuesday Craft! And, I posted the graphic and info so you can craft along....

 This is what I came up with...
 First, I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased and unfinished wood door hanger for .79.
I also picked up two sheets of scrapbook paper. One in a green pattern (for the "we can play" side) and one in a red pattern (for the "we can not play" side).
I came home and stained my door sign on both sides to give it that weathered wood look. You can paint it instead, if you prefer. While the sign dried I printed my graphics.
I'm not a technical person. So I am hoping that the graphics are easy for you to use and they print out to be 3"x5". The silhouettes of the children are courtesy of the Graphics Fairy, one of my very favorite sites! Then just cut your scrapbook paper to be a little bit larger than the printed graphic. I hand colored in the lettering on the graphic. Red for the "we can not play" side and green for the "we can play" side. Then by painting on some good old white glue, layer the scrapbook paper and the graphics on each side of the door hanger. Once the white glue dried I sealed the deal with some varnish. I thought it turned out rather cute for a simple, yet, hopefully effective little sign.
wecanplay2 We Can Not Play2

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  1. Thanks Christy! These are perfect! I'm finally printing them!! yay!!