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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Go Fly a Kite!

When I was a young girl, of 7 or 8 I distinctly remember that I had, what I like to call, "Cinderella Syndrome".

   Cinderella Syndrome: A state of mind in which the affected person believes that their parents make them, and only them, do all the cleaning in the house; even though there is strong evidence to the contrary. Also know as the "poor little me syndrome"

When I began to approach adulthood I was afflicted with "Peter Pan Syndrome"

Peter Pan Syndrome: A person that is in denial of the fact that they are all grown up.  ie. A longing to be a child without responsibility once more.

....truth be told...this is a reoccurring syndrome for me.

As of this after noon I have been diagnosed with, yet another syndrome....the "Mr. Banks Syndrome". You know, the grouchy dad from (one of my all time favorite movies) Mary Poppins.

I know what you are are thinking "this strange woman has an obsession with likening all her physiological issues to characters from Disney movies. But, if you are mom that feels like you are "doggy paddling" through mother hood while it seems as though all the other moms around you are doing a relaxed back stroke then you need to read this article Go Fly a Kite from an awesome website that my sister Melissa (in all her wisdom) referred me to, the Power of Moms.
Take 5 min. and read the will be a better mom/woman for it!

Love, Christy

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