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Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Every year for Christmas we put up a small REAL table top tree in our family room. This year in about April (yes, I said April) I decided we were going to get a beautiful snowy flocked tree. I planned on it being a little extra cost wise but, I figured it would be worth it.

Finally the Christmas season was upon us and it was time to pick out our flocked 3 foot tree. My husband and I could hardly wait.....but wait, turns out it is a little difficult to find a flocked tree.
After asking around we found one place in town that sold flocked trees. Giddy with excitement we walked into the tree lot and there it stood a perfect white beautiful 3 foot flocked tree. My husband promptly retrieved the man to whom we could buy said tree. Our excitement quickly turned to surprise/disappointment when we discovered that the pristine tree was going to set us back $80!!!(twice the amount we planned on spending).
Though the tree was perfect I couldn't help thinking about all the other things I could buy with $80 and opted not to buy the tree. But still determined to have my flocked tree I searched the Internet for a solution. What I found... Homemade flocking recipe. I followed the recipe with one alteration. After I had applied the flocking to the branches I sprinkled fake snow (the kind used on miniature Christmas villages) all over the tree so that it would stick to the flocking. It was just the finishing touch it needed. Here is the end result.

A couple of tips: Apply the flocking only on the top side of the branches and heavier on the ends. I tried to mimic the way real snow would fall on a tree outside.

 One of the benefits of this alternative is if you are using a live tree the flocking allows you to still enjoy your tree and its aroma because the needles aren't completely covered. And, It only cost me about $26 total. Sorry the pictures aren't great. I should take the money that I saved and put it toward a new camera :)

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