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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Sweet Heart Valentine's Day

I don't do much decorating for Valentine's day, but what I do do, I do all for sweet hearts - my kids.  (btw my kids would be laughing hysterically right now at the fact I typed "do do") This year I had a good old fashion free fun decorating by re-purposing a Christmas tinsel tree and making good use of my husband's Xerox printing connections. Actually, it wasn't totally free, I spent $1 on paper doilies at Dollar Tree.
I'm loving my Sweet Heart Tinsel Tree! Here is a link on how to make your own 

I re-purposed these homemade clay cookie hearts into ornaments for the tree. Here's a how to for those as well

 My little dish hutch always gets a holiday make over. I like throwing some blue into my valentine decorations for a touch of the unexpected. Red and pink can get so boring on their own.

Paper rosettes (like the one hanging on the chalk board) are fun and easy to make. This one was made with left over scrapbook paper, a flattened pink cupcake liner, and a glittered blue heart.

I love my little Valentine boy and girl from, where else? Barbara Cheatleys.
You could easily make these by mod podging a vintage valentine card to a piece of chip board, then glittering it with chunky clear glitter.
Like the cute vintage valentine cards below.

Just right click on the images and save them to your computer.

 I had my husband print the images for me on is fancy Xerox equipment. But you could print them at home or at your friendly neighborhood printing place. Then I cut them out with my scallop edge scissors and clothes pinned them to a length of ribbon, along with some pink paper heart doilies. You know the kind you can buy at Dollar tree? Easiest banner EVER!!!

Sad picture of my snowy barren back yard, a little depressing.

Have you noticed that above my sliding glass door is my official "Banner Hanging Place"?
Have a happy Valentine's day "SWEET HEARTS"!

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