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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Parties Past - Part 3

2012 - Crockett Family Halloween Greatest Hits

2012 was the year to revive decorations from years past, and to dust off our favorite old costumes - It was the year of Crockett Halloween Party Greatest Hits

 The Living Room was transformed into the
A Classic Halloween Witch Room.


Can't forget a game or two for the kiddos. Especially one that will keep them busy while you get all the food out.
The lucky winner took the giant container of "pumpkin poop" home.

 The Creepy Spells Kitchen 

the containers are filled with everything from black beans and sea salt,
to tea bags and Spanish moss.
Cut up some cheese cloth, dip it in some tea, then hang it on the light fixture of your choice. Perfect to hang a hidden sound activated dropping spider, wa, ha, ha!
We served all our favorite foods from parties past.

The Haunted Mansion Room

who could forget this lovely lady from our earlier Haunted Mansion tour?

I love using black to tulle to decorate with for Halloween! In this room I paired it with lavender organza I had in storage from Rob and I's wedding reception.
 A Parade of Past Costumes

Who better to attend a Crockett Halloween party than Davy Crockett....uhh, with his wife Captain Jack Sparrow? 

Rob and I reprized our much loved couples costume 
as Mary Poppins and Burt.

Thus concludes our Halloween Parties Past Memorial Posts....
Happy Haunting Everyone!

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