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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haunted Halloween House Tour

Every year we host the annual Crockett Family Halloween Party. As a result my Halloween decor is a little more involved than the average trick or treater. Here is a house tour for your creepy little eye balls. Let's begin with the .....

The Kitchen: Spells and Potions

I Lined the back of the bookcase with the awesomest flocked wrapping paper from hobby lobby! Being a huge fan of the musical Wicked, I found this awesome Silhouette of Elphaba Here. I then downloaded it, added my own wording, and framed it out. Here it is for you! Defy Gravity

Again, making use of another Hobby Lobby find, these black and white damask bandanas I hung over my existing window treatments. The graphics for the pennants I found, where else The Graphics Fairy.

Potions and poisons above the kitchen cabinets....
 I used everything from dry black beans to old teabags for my potion filled containers.

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