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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Faux Artist Canvas

I have a wall in my living room that was in desperate need of a new picture grouping. I had 3 challenges....I wanted it to be eclectic, personalized and inexpensive.
I researched the option of purchasing two art prints on canvas (to include in the new grouping) but, they were out of my price range and weren't available in the sizes I wanted. On this particular day I was unable to get out of the house with all the kiddos to purchase plain artists canvas' to personalize. Being the type of person that can't put an idea on hold, here was my solution....

                       What you will need: 
  • shoe box lid(s)
  • White fabric remnants
  • Mod Podge
  • Glue gun
  • paint brush
  • primer (white paint works also)
My goal was to use what I had on hand so that my end cost would be $0.
    I found two shoe box lids and primed them with white spray paint. I did a couple coats
    so that eventually the color on the boxes didn't show through

    remnants of loose weave white fabric in my craft closet. I cut them to fit the shoe box lids. Making sure that there was enough excess to wrap up and around the lid sides. Then I painted mod podge on lids (make sure to cover completely) and wrapped the lids in the fabric. Pull the fabric taut and smooth it on with your hands as you do this.
    You could do this with you favorite patterned fabric remnants instead. Then there is no need to paint artwork onto you canvas.

    Using your gift wrapping skills fold the corners neatly then secure with hot glue.

    Then wrap the rest of the fabric tightly up and around the box lid.
    Secure it in the underneath side of the lid with hot glue.
    Once the fabric was in place I painted another layer of mod podge over the fabric.
    Making sure to smooth out any air bubbles.
    Let it dry. Once dry, paint or decoupage the art work of you choice.

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