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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project Fairy Garden

I don't remember what sparked my sudden interest in Fairy Gardens. Maybe it was the realization that my children are growing up way to fast and I felt the need to inject some child like whimsy and imagination into their lives while I still could. Or, maybe it is my own hidden desire to still play make believe. I think it is a lot of both. Either way I have discovered that nothing brings your childhood imagination to life like planning a place for fairies in your garden.

Step #1 - Fairies need houses...

I searched high and low all over the Internet for the perfect fairy houses. They were either too cheesy or too expensive. What I did find was a ton of inspiration.....why not make my own?
I started by making a fairy door that could be attached to any existing rock or tree in my garden thus transforming it into an instant elf/fairy house. After all I do believe those elves that make all the tasty cookies live in a tree. I started by gluing together some Popsicle sticks. Elmer's wood glue works best. You can make your door whatever size you would like depending on the size of your tree and the size your fairies. wink, wink.....

Then trim off the excess Popsicle sticks, stain, and seal your door. (I used old English furniture polish for the stain and Mod Podge to seal it) Use your imagination. I dug through my junk drawer and used the metal top from a broken Christmas ball ornament, cut it apart, and it became door hardware. Then, using a heavy duty epoxy I attached the finished door to a boulder in my yard.
You would be amazed at how my kids, and the neighborhood kids, were instantly enamored with the door. That just sat and starred at it.

Now I needed some fairy houses. I found adorable little unfinished bird houses at Michael's. In order to transform them into suitable fairy houses I gathered my paint, glue, and let my creativity fly. Here is the result...

I covered any bird holes, cut out and hinged the doors, and shingled the roofs with natural elements that I either had in my yard or in my home. For example the blue and white house is shingled with pine cone leafs. (I don't know what the heck the actual terms is for pieces of pine cone but you get the idea) I added the chimney and dug through my broken jewelery to find pieces to dress up the houses. ie. the silver leaf above the door.
This is my fairy garden progress thus far. I will keep you posted on any forth coming fairy activity.  After all " All you need is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust"

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  1. I love this idea. I hope to tour your fairy garden this summer.