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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Parties Past - Part 1

Sadly, but this year will be the void of the Crockett annual Halloween party. I'm going through slight withdrawals that I'm not in the midst of a party planning frenzy. But, sometime we need to admit our limits and edit our lives accordingly. Hopefully I will make up for it with a 2014 Haunted Halloween Bash, and yes, the wheels are already turning in my head for said event 12 months from now.
But for this year I decided it is the perfect opportunity to remember highlights from Halloween Parties Past.

2008(the first year) - Classic Halloween

There weren't many photos from our first party, it was a spur of the moment idea we had.....a way for everyone to parade in their costumes for Grammy and Grandpa. We did catch this classic picture of 3 little monsters

2009 - Welcome to Sleepy Hollow

This year probably stands out the most in everyone’s memory. Grandpa (the pro family story teller) retold the classic tale of Sleepy Hollow.

Cleopatra and Marc Athony make a visit to the Hollow

The walls of the family room were covered with silhouettes of spooky Sleepy Hollow trees - which my pregnant (at the time) friend Breann painstakingly helped me cut out.
As we sat in the "haunted forest" and the classic story of Sleepy Hollow drew to a close, we began to hear the thundering gallop of a horse over the sound system. Before we knew it the headless horsemen appeared in the backyard through the window. Wa-ha-ha! Pretty sure some of the kids might need therapy as a result of that event......totally WORTH IT!!!!
Shane Hardy the Best Headless Horseman that's ever spooked a party!

 The rest of the evening consisted of Twister, Bubblegum blowing contest, and the (now) traditional chugging contest.

Cleo Down! Cleo DOWN!

Next post: 2011 - A Visit to the Haunted Mansion

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