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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doorways to Color in Paris

Yes, when we (my sister and I) first arrived in Paris (toward the end of February) it seemed grey, and cold. Probably because it was grey and très COLD! But, it wasn't long before the cities subtle colors began to pierce through the gloom and Paris began to come alive. There were the most beautiful touches of blue, green, teal, turquoise.......everywhere! It was a refreshing change from all the "earth tones" that my particular part of the U.S. has decided to use as its "color" of choice on buildings/new homes.
So without further ado, welcome to my Tour de Parisian Color!

Doorway at the Rodin Museum
Side street near Sainte-chapelle

House near Chateau-Fontainebleau
This is the door that started it all.....once we took a picture of this door we couldn't help but notice all the other beautiful colors. On Rue de Grenalle
Rue De Grenalle
Another house near Chateau- Fountainebleu

A Grande Entrance

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